Robotics and Technology Classes “TechWizard”


Extracurricular activity for pre-school children (5 – 7 years) and primary school students (7 – 10 years). A weekly STEAM educational lesson where kids learn robotics, augmented reality, programming, and problem solving in a fun and engaging way through experiments.

The program includes:

  •   LEGO Robotics
  •   Simple programming of built robots
  •   Testing and improvement of mechanisms
  •   Lessons with 3D printing pens, Bee-Bots, Dash robots
  •   Understanding causations
  •   Development of creative thinking
  •   Developing skills for working in groups
  •   Psysic experiments
  •   Competent educator and quality spent time


“Richard loves robotics classes! He really wait for Mondays because those are robotics days! Thank you a lot!”

Richard’s mom Ieva


“Thank you so much for the provided knowledge to the children! My son is excited about robotics at the kindergarten “Mara”. I wish the best to the whole International School of Innovations team!”


Veronika G

“My son Tom really likes your lessons! I wish you patience and a lot of great ideas also in the future!”


Tom’s mom Ilze

The classes are implemented in educational institutions in following cities:

  • Riga
  • Ogre
  • Ikskile
  • Malpils
  • Zakumuiza
  • Krimulda
  • Ropazi
  • Koknese

And also:

  • At the office of the International School of Innovations  Daugava Stadium, Augšiela 1, Rīga