Robotics and Technology Classes “TechWizard”


Extracurricular activity for pre-school children (5 – 7 years) and primary school students (7 – 10 years). A weekly STEAM educational lesson where kids learn robotics, augmented reality, programming, and problem solving in a fun and engaging way through experiments.

The program includes:

  •   LEGO Robotics
  •   Simple programming of built robots
  •   Testing and improvement of mechanisms
  •   Lessons with 3D printing pens, Bee-Bots, Dash robots
  •   Understanding causations
  •   Development of creative thinking
  •   Developing skills for working in groups
  •   Psysic experiments
  •   Competent educator and quality spent time


Thank you so much for the provided knowledge to the children! My son is excited about robotics at the kindergarten “Mara”. I wish the best to the whole International School of Innovations team!


Timur's (6 years) mom

We are visiting these classes for more than a year and we are glad to see the passion and development of our daughter! Yes, it’s extremely exciting for girls too! Many thanks to the tireless teacher who inspired our daughter. Alice says that she also wants to become a robotics teacher someday! 🙂


Alisa's (7 years) mom

Richard really wait for Mondays because those are robotics days! He really loves these classes! Thank you!


Richard’s (5 years) mom

The classes are implemented in educational institutions in following cities:

  • Riga
  • Ogre
  • Ikskile
  • Malpils
  • Zakumuiza
  • Krimulda
  • Ropazi
  • Koknese

And also:

  • At the office of the International School of Innovations  Daugava Stadium, Augšiela 1, Rīga