Welcome to the new ONLINE classes!

This spring has come not just with warm sun but also with a bunch of challenges that have changed our daily lives inviting us to spend more time at home. But lucky for you, we love turning challenges into possibilities, therefore we see this time great for implementing new and unprecedented ideas. We have stepped or even jumped out of our comfort zone to make your staying at home more exciting, so…

Here it is! Our new online classes!


How will the online lessons take place?

Your child will be building various robots using LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set and and you are invited to join this process. We will send you the building instructions for the LEGO robot to your e-mail every day when robotics online lesson will take place. The child will need to build the robot before the online class, then he will join for a face-to-face online class at a specific time and meet there teacher and other online group mates. Teacher will show the child how to start run the robot using a special programming environment on the tablet. He will share tips and tricks to make the experience more fun and educational at the same time. He will challenge your children to think and use logics. Children will be able to see other members of the online group and share their experiences. Yes, these will be real robotics lessons full of interaction, emotions and joy, only in a remote way.

What do you need for the e-class?

  • – LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set. You can rent it from us. Set will stay at your home all the time, so kids can develop robotics skills on their own and for an unlimited time.
  • – Tablet or laptop for built robot programming. We will also be able to rent the tablet if it is not available at your home.
  • – A phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with internet access, sound and camera to connect to an online lesson.

Days: Wednesday and Friday
Times: 3PM, 5PM or 7PM

The length of the lesson: 20 – 30 minutes

Cost: 28 EUR/month.
Fee includes: monthly rental of the LEGO set + 2 online lessons per week + online lesson materials + you will receive tech support in using the online system.

You can rent the tablet for 9 EUR / month.

REGISTRATION form is available HERE




What is TechYoga and why do we need it?

This is where the fun begins! We deliver online yoga teachings for children applying real time feedback, keeping lessons creative and relaxed. Yoga invigorates the muscles and strengthens the joints, providing vitality at the age when the bones are growing rapidly. Breathing and relaxing exercises establish healthy nervous system and heighten the ability to focus. It works fantastically for everyone in the family, not just children! The active part of the exercise improves the metabolism while keeps the lessons fun! Let’s do yoga to help the little bodies developing in a balanced way!

How does it look like?

You will be joining a 30 minutes online yoga session at a specific time to exercise together. We invite you to use your webcam, it’s optional but the lessons will be of a greater value if you do, as the teacher will be able to see you and work with you as in face-to-face class. But don’t worry if you don’t have a webcam, you can join in and just watch the teacher. We invite children and their families to participate, even cats and dogs (and maybe fishes, too)!

Who is teaching the class?

Edīte Paule, the teacher who first gained her yoga certification in India. She is actively teaching yoga to grown-ups in her home country Latvia. She has gained experience with children working as a volunteer in center Dardedze in Latvia, an organization with the aim to protect children from abuse. Later Edīte worked as a preschool teacher and lead teacher of the pre-schools in NYC, US. Additionally she has studieded the development of children and their needs at different ages in NYC, US. Edīte has returned to Latvia now and is combining both of her passions – children and yoga. Soon she will be gaining the children yoga teacher certificate from Kidding Around.

What do you need for the class?

  • Yoga mat
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Laptop or stationary computer or tablet or phone – any device with access to internet, sound and webcam.

Days: Mondays
Available times: 4PM or 5PM (GMT+3)

The length of the lesson: 30 minutes
Cost: 10 EUR/month. Any number of family members can join in + you will receive a small homework after every class + you will receive tech support in using the online system.

For new members, the first two online classes are FOR FREE!

Application form for free trial is HERE


Challenge accepted and we are fully ready to meet you online! See you there!