Robotics and Technology Classes “Little TechWizard”

Extracurricular activity for pre-school children aged 3 to 4. These are regular STEAM educational activities for kids who enjoy playing and experimenting. During the classes, the children work individually or in groups and carry out various tasks and experiments. Isn’t it great to get technology knowledge while playing?

The program includes:

  •   Lessons with LEGO Education Preschool Equipment
  •   Lessons with Bee-Bot
  •   Understanding of causation
  •   Development of creative thinking
  •   Developing skills for working in groups
  •   Testing and improving mechanisms
  •   Demonstration of the result achieved
  •   Learning new words in English (2 – 3 words per lesson)


3 – 4 years

Monthly payment:

20 EUR

Lesson duration:

30 minutes