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  For 5-9 year old children 

Robotics and technology classes "TechWizard"

Weekly STEAM educational lessons where kids learn robotics, augmented reality, programming, and problem-solving in a fun and engaging way through experiments.



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Our talented teachers are open, friendly and always ready to help.


New things are learned and created.

Understanding of causation

Learning the principles of mechanism operation.

  Learn through game 

By implementing the program, participants will learn the following

Stimulates introduction to technology

Children are introduced to these lessons at the fundamentals of the tech world, that can stimulate children's interest in technology, programming and engineering, which can serve as the basis for future educational and work choices.

Tiny motor skills development

Children learn many skills through the touch, robotics provide the development of tiny motor, as children independently assemble robots, form them from different parts, and bring them to life.

Possibility to experiment

In our classes, children have the opportunity to experiment and realize their ideas as well. It promotes creativity and self-expression as children discover and explore how different robots work and how to apply them to their activities.

Developing of realistic logical thinking and problem solving

Lessons teach children how to think logically and solve problems. They learn how to structure thoughts, plan and address tasks to get the result they want

Team work

Classes include teamwork where children need to work together to achieve a common goal. It promotes collaboration and teamwork skills.

Engagement and attention retention

Classes often are interactive and challenging, preventing children from getting bored and holding their attention.

Social interaction

n classes, children communicate and interact with peers that help develop social skills and ability to work in a group.


The classes promote children's creativity and design skills because they build robots, shape their exterior.

The program includes

Robotics is a great way to stimulate children's creativity, interest in technology and develop important skills that will be useful for their future education and career journeys. It is an educational and exciting activity that promotes children's self-expression and intellectual development.

Robotics are special and valuable for young children because they offer many unique benefits and opportunities that contribute to the stages of development that is specific to this age group.

LEGO Robotics

Simple programming of built robots

Testing and improvement of mechanisms

Lessons with 3D printing pens

Lessons with Bee-Bots, Dash robots

Physics experiments

Developing skills for working in groups

Competent educator and quality spent time

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