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  For children 10-14 year olds 

The basics of modelling, designing and animating computer games with Roblox Studio

Participants in Roblox Studio platform become real computer game engineers and create their own computer games. Classes are held in Latvian and Russian language.



Creation of their own or group-developed computer game.


Classes take place in a safe and teacher-controlled environment.


Online group or at children's school.


Participants learn practical knowledge through their favorite computer game.

  Safe learning through play 
  Lesson content 

Children work with a teacher to complete educational tasks on the Roblox Studio platform

Roblox Studio program

What is Roblox Studio program and what opportunities does it offer


How to work on the same project remotely

Programming language

How to read and apply codes using Lua programming language

Maps and animations

How to create your own animation and first map

Model creation

How to make models and how to make them move

Construction testing

How to properly test the constructions and maps

  Participant's works 

Games created by the participants of the spring semester

During the semester, the participants created one of the game types of the Roblox platform - Obby, or obstacle course. The goal of the game is to reach the finish line by moving through objects and avoiding obstacles and gaps.

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On-site classes

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