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  For children 10-14 year olds 

Learning the basics of programming in the Minecraft game

Participants learn the basics of visual programming and how it connects
with everyday situations (real life) on the Minecraft Education platform.



An educational institution with 7 years of international experience.

Motivated learning

Learning programming using the game method.

Project planning

Acquiring skills and developing a plan.

Understanding the overall picture

Understanding and improving of program code.

  Lesson Environment 

Programming knowledges are the future labour market skills

  Learn through game 

Child will learn

MakeCode Visual programming method

Will be able to navigate the Pyton code

Recognize and apply algorithms on a daily basis

Navigate the coordinate system on global map

Knows how to calculate the area and resources needed to perform a task

Basics of geometry

  Lesson topics 

The program puts emphasis on an in-depth understanding of each element of the programming code

We offer the complex programming industry for children at an early age to learn in a suitable environment and create a full understanding of it.

earning programming

Microsoft Make Code-Scratch

Fundamentals of Pyton programming

Acquisition of programming and mathematical functions

Learning linear algorithms, creating graphic records

nderstanding and use of coordinate systems (XY, XYZ plane)

Geometry basics, area calculation and flowchart construction

Minecraft's programming classes have a creative environment in which children operate in a understandable Minecraft game while learning the basics of programming

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TechWizard PROGRAMS in the Minecraft world

  Our team 

Get to know our golden nuggets - talented versatile educators!

Artūrs Adriāns

You need a balance between learning and relaxing, and Minecraft is learning while relaxing!


The main thing is to listen and understand, and only then take rational action.


Minecraft is not just a computer game, it is a way for us to make new friends and develop our creative imagination.