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  For 12-17 year old youngsters 

3D Design Course – Foundation for Building an Exciting Career

Practical training enables you to master the creation of digital projects, paving the way
for a creative and well-paying career from anywhere in the world.


A Dream Job for the Youth...

Working while traveling, executing diverse projects from any corner of the globe, and earning well! This is the daily life many youngsters envision for the future. But how can they get there?

This 3D design course's program videos were developed by young individuals from Italy, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

  Trends in the job market 

In the very near future, practically no field will be conceivable without 3D design professionals

Which are the professions where 3D projects creators already can apply with their skills today?



Marketing Manager

Website Developer

Interior Designer

Product Developer

Artist for Film Speceffects


Video Game Designer

Graphic Designer

Artistic Director

Medical Industry Worker

  Course description 

1st Semester

3D Software "Blender"

A 4-month practical course where kids learn the creation of digital projects in the 3D software "Blender."

Knowledge and Skills

During the course, participants acquire practical and immediately applicable skills that they can continue to develop.

Creation of a 3D Project

During the course, participants will create their first 3D project on a freely chosen topic.

Digital Roblox Exhibition

All created works will be published globally on the leading 3D work platform

Printing your own 3D Models

Create and publish of 3D Project Videos

Why Learn 3D Design?

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the digital environment

3D design is an impressive and rapid way to visualize anything

A step closer to your dream job

Significantly enhances logical and mathematical thinking

An excellent investment in self-growth

An opportunity to explore a completely new world where almost nothing is impossible

  Program developer 

Thriving in the digital 3D realm requires patience and adapting to new technologies!

Considering the future job market, creativity will be what robots, systems, technologies, and automation won't be able to replace.
At the same time, the digital era continues to evolve, and the beneficiaries will be those young individuals who know how to invest their creativity in the digital world.

Līva Priedīte
3D Design program Manager
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