Exciting adventure for your child!

Day camps for 5 days

For children aged 5 to 12 years

In Latvian, Russian and English

Technology, sports and creative activities

Riga (Daugava stadium),
Kekava region (camping "Zanzibara")

Camps in regions:

In the summer of 2019, the camps took place in Ropazi, Ogre, Malpils and Zakumuiza


We look forward to the spring camp of the International School of Innovation. Mom asks: “Agneta, are you going to TechWizard camp this year?” (We have been for two years!) Agneta’s asnwer was: “Not TechnoWizard, but Technopyrates!!!! And of course I will! :))” No matter what the camp is called TechWizard or Technopyrates, I am glad that there is a safe, dynamic and fun environment that a child would like to go to in his / her free time! I would like to thank the Innovation School and encourage parents to get to know this world of technology! It’s really cool!


Agneta's mom

Many thanks from Mark and Mark’s family for a great camp! Mark was absolutely satisfied and we as parents think that it is very important because it was his first camp! Mark said that he will save money for next summer’s camp 🙂


Mark's Mom

Thank you all for a wonderful camp! The child was very, very satisfied and happy. Good luck to you!


Martin's mom

Thanks for the lovely camp from Karl’s parents! Karl said the camp was, in one word – genious!


Karl's mom

Thank you for a great camp last week! My son was excited and me too! Camp was so modernly organized with great activities and perfect catering!


Martin's mom

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