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  About us 

The International School of Innovations was founded in 2016 and is a registered educational institution. Our main goals are:

to promote technical education for children and adults

to promote and develop technical creativity

to provide training in robotics and programming for children, youngsters and adults

Within a few years, we have become one of the leading educational institutions in implementing innovative teaching methods in the field of STEAM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Mathematics). Read more

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Our team


Ģirts Čamanis


Voldemārs Brēdiķis

Innovation Partner

Beata Šarga-Fedotova

Administrative Director

Dāvis Kundziņš

STEM expert

Māra Linda Kopa-Pālena

Project Coordinator

Līva Priedīte

3D Design program Manager

Anete Aizkalne

Roblox Education Program Director

Anastasija Lukina

Robotics Education Program Director

Liudmyla Derevianko

Project Manager

Līva Biseniece

Minecraft Education Program Director

Justs Štrombahs

Minecraft Online Project Manager

Anna Marija Lazareva

Administrative assistant

Our story

Girts Chamanis begins his first on-site classes in robotics at kindergarten Piennite, Ulbroka. There is interest from parents and children alike, all the groups formed are full, the 14 Lego kits for robotics and 7 computers are too few, and there are a shortage of educators. New teachers join the team and additional technical resources are procured, classes are held both in Ulbroka and elsewhere in Latvia.

Girts study fellow Voldemars Bredikis addresses Girts that he should start offering robotics also in Riga educational institutions, the educational institution “International School of Innovation” is registered.

The number of educational institutions holding classes is expanded, several more teachers join, administrative management begins, which logically leads to the creation of a new office.

An office in Riga, Augsiela 1, “Daugava Stadium” is being established, and classes in robotics are being actively conducted in educational institutions.

COVID-19 pandemic - all on-site classes stopped abruptly, no one attends any more on-site extracurricular classes, suspense ensues. Thinking about the company's further development during COVID, the idea of integrating the computer game Minecraft for learning purposes emerges, building different worlds through the Minecraft Education platform. The idea is being realised on a hot track and the project “TehnoWizard in the Minecraft World” is being developed for primary school students. Of course, all classes during COVID, are conducted remotely, communication and technical barriers are solved, and classes are organised on the Microsoft Teams platform. Development does not stop – because the International School of Innovation is the one offering creativity and development.

The idea of developing the game Roblox as one of the youth education programs is born. We're trying a pilot project that's successful and the product is ready to be offered in schools.

In addition to existing programs in schools, we offer “Roblox Computer game Engineer” to students in grades 4-6, both face-to-face and remotely, and develop a new program – “3D Design”.

Classes are actively organised bothon-site in kindergartens, schools, “Daugava Stadium” and online – in the programmes “TechnoWizard”, “TechnoWizard in the Minecraft world”, “Roblox Studio”, “3 D design”. This summer we organize 11 camps in Riga, Ikšķille, Adazi, Ozolnies, Kekava county, all in all, we have had about 400 children with us for a useful and fun summer week! In parallel, we are developing new products for pre-school children – “mind arithmetic”, swimming with hydrotherapy elements “Nemo” and we have several more new projects in mind.